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It's important to understand that funerals are for the living. Funerals help family and friends honor the memory of a loved one while taking the first healthy step towards facing life with their loss.

We are a full service...
funeral home. No matter what creed or religion, our obligation to you is to provide information to help you make responsible decisions during what may be the most difficult time of your life. We offer a wide range of services and products to create a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

If a death occurs away from home...
we will make all the arrangements including paperwork, preparation and transportation—anywhere in the world to or from Alton.

We will help you with every aspect of the funeral process...

  •     Arrange all the funeral plans (local or worldwide)
  •     Help notify friends and family
  •     Obtain the necessary permits and death certificates
  •     Respectfully taking care of the remains
  •     Coordinate all details with the clergy
  •     Arranging for burial or cremation
  •     Notify your attorney if you need legal help
  •     Help secure any veterans’ burial allowance, social security or other benefits
  •     Follow up after the funeral to help with any unforeseen details
  •     Help you adjust to your loss

We also offer full Cremation Facilities...

Cremation Facility Opened in 2005
Cremation Facility Opened in 2005

Cremation Services may include:

·         Cremation with Traditional Services

·         Cremation with Graveside Services

·         Cremation with Memorial Services

·         Direct Cremation

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